Friday, August 30, 2013

School Wait Lists

For the past several years, ASPIRA of PA’s bilingual charter schools, Hostos Charter and Pantoja Charter, have consistently had waiting lists for student enrollment in the hundreds.  This year, Hostos Charter and Pantoja Charter have over 1,000 students on their waiting lists combined! This speaks volumes to the high quality of our schools, and to the large demand in our community for greater school choice options.

Hostos and Pantoja have consistently performed higher than comparable local schools, both in attendance and academic proficiency.  ASPIRA of PA is proud of how our cultural- and community-driven school model has proven successful.  Sadly, we cannot accommodate these families on our waiting lists because of restrictions. Please know that, on behalf of our local students who all deserve an excellent education, ASPIRA of PA (along with our neighborhood partners, Esperanza and Congreso) is actively advocating for more high-quality seats in North Philadelphia schools.